Undulating steel facade in Tokyo by Japanese firm Amano Design Office (via dezeen)


Peachy Keen Moon Machine #2 – Growing Up Gordon

Alex & Justin host the only variety show on the moon. In this episode, the boys learn the joys and sorrows of parenting and alien babies. Featured guests include color scientist Roy Bivinski and parenting expert Liam Murtagh.


Dessi Terzieva is a Detroit-based 22-year-old law student who “maintains her sanity through her art”. So in between her Civil Procedure and Constitutional Law classes, she whips out these beautiful, thoughtfully-constructed collages.

In the process of cutting pictures from old books and magazines, I get to know my characters and their story, ultimately to make them my own

By giving them a new reality, they give me a voice. Each collage is the equivalent of a diary entry. I am speaking to you and others, telling you how I feel, what I think, what I crave, and what I despise

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OOOOOOOOh that 101 Dalmatians style animation dough!

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